Our standard SOS product is targeted at sites with a small number of users, but can easily expand to provide service to hundreds with the appropiate investment in hardware.

Mail and File facilities come with the base product as standard, and many other optional extras are available. A general outline of features is given here:

  • Acts as a secure file store for all company documents
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista users can transparently connect to the server
  • No server licenses required – big savings can be made here
  • File sharing where file folders appears on the windows desktop
  • Print services
  • Company Intranet giving secure access to internal documents
  • Off-site and/or on-site backup of files
  • Email: inbound and outbound
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • e-mail
  • Home-based workers can connect from home to the company server via secure VPN connection over broadband
  • Remote support and monitoring from AlwaysLinux
  • Telephone support during office hours
  • Ability to scan all company e-mail for viruses and spam