Linux allows us to bring ISP level mail and web services to your business. From a simple backup SMTP server to a full blown IMAP mail store, from an intranet to a full internet presence we can provide a robust and reliable solution. As mail and web services are often fairly light they can happily be combined into one server to reduced costs, but if one or both are heavily used they can also be seperated out onto multiple servers for maximum performance.

Mail features available include:

  • Industry standard SMTP mail delivery (both incoming and outgoing)
  • SMTP Auth capability for remote workers
  • IMAP Mail folders
  • POP access to INBOX
  • Shared folders
  • Built-in spam filtering with global and per-user configuration
  • Per-user mailbox rules to make the server move messages into folders automatically
  • “On holiday” responder with per-user customisable messaging
  • Full and multiple domain handling, including copying to multiple mail boxes, rejecting invalid addresses, “catch all” delivery, server-side forwarding.
  • Server-side pick up from other mail systems.
  • Suport for automated email processing and responding.

Web features include:

  • Industry standard¬†Apache¬†web server.
  • CGI, Perl, Python, PHP, SSI, WebDAV, Ruby and many more languages are available
  • SSL support