A firewall/gateway is an essential element of any secure network, and marshals access between the office network and the internet at large. As the names imply, a firewall prevents external rogue elements from entering a network, whereas the gateway facilitates a convenient, reliable and yet transparent connection to the Internet for authorised users.

Some of the more important features to be found in this product are:

  • Statefull firewall to limit attacks from the Internet without interfering with user access to Internet resource
  • Site-to-site or laptop-to-site VPN solutions
  • DMZ capability – Redirect incoming connections to appropriate destination(s), either globally, per port or even per IP address
  • Multiple network support allowing you to isolate Internet-facing servers on a separate network
  • Multiple IP support
  • NAT/Masqurade allows multiple servers and workstations to all access the Internet
  • Access control to limit access to Internet and other resources
  • DHCP server to allow zero-configuration on client workstations
  • VPN support to allow secure site-to-site and remote-to-site connectivity
  • Available with integrated X.21 support removing the need for an additional router
  • Integrated wireless support with WPA2 security