Linux offers a rich and diverse set of options when it comes to database hosting. The AlwaysLinux team are well versed in configuring, managing and supporting Linux-based database servers to accomodate important client data.

A number of open source database platforms exist, and the crucial initial step is to decide which platform is most appropriate for the job in hand. Solutions with just a few hundred to many millions of records can be implemented with the appropriate pre-planning and database design.

Once established, correct management of the database ensures that certain data can only be accessed internally, between offices across a WAN, or be made available for general access via the Internet.

In summary, we offer expertise in:

  • Linux database server setup and configuration
  • Linux database optimisation, reindexing, and recovery from corruption
  • PostgreSQL – an open source database platform
  • MySQL – another open source database platform
  • Configuration of servers to host services over the Internet or via a corporate (private) Intranet
  • Linking databases to public web sites and private office database systems (CRM, stock systems etc.)
  • Help in setting user and access permissions