Offering Linux solutions since 2000, Always Linux has established a good pedigree of excellence by providing companies with a no-nonsense, cost effective means of implementing, configuring and administering Linux-based networks. With customers in the day trading canada, North America and Europe, the majority of our expertise can be delivered globally via the Internet, giving clients the reassurance that distance is not an issue when it comes to continuity and excellence of service.

We provide linux consulting and linux support services on the latest range of open source software, with services including installation, remote management, administration and troubleshooting, as well as bespoke development. Providing all the necessary and essential systems administration – either remotely or on-site – the collective expertise of our staff will ensure the smooth running and continued integrity of your network at competitive hourly, daily or longer term contract rates.

Our linux-based products offer seamless integration with existing networks, while at the same time helping achieve realistic savings on licensing and the incessant upgrade cycle. Immediate benefits in terms of reduced cost and enhanced reliability can be seen by introducing Linux elements in to almost any network, and we invite you to look at the solutions section for further information on Linux integration and other Linux products.

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Our all-linux network product represents a comprehensive office solution based wholly on open source software, providing a scalable, reliable and secure network offering functionality across the board. This is a truly all-encompassing solution minus the licensing costs usually associated with other vendor solutions.

This approach represents a departure from the traditional single-vendor model and must surely come as a breath of fresh air to anybody tired of the escalating cost of software.

Our Linux office network solution comprises of the following open source products:

  • Small Office Server
  • Backup Server
  • Firewall/Gateway Server
  • Open Office Application
  • User workstations can be based on older workstation hardware, or thin client terminals running a Linux desktop environment (similar in appearance to the traditional Windows environment)

One or all of the above elements may be deployed to provide full end-to-end office without compromise or loss of productivity. In summary, the solution provides everything needed by the modern-day office – all driven by Linux, all Open Source, and all free from vendor tie-ins.

The cost of deploying a well-known office suite such as Microsoft Office within an organisation can be prohibitive, not to mention the cost of upgrades when new versions are inevitably released. Open Office is an open source rendition of Microsoft Office offering equivalent word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages. What’s more, the user interface of Open Office has been designed specifically to give users a familiar desktop experience and overall working environment. Open Office is able to read natively saved MS Office documents, as well as save documents in the standard Microsoft format, meaning that documents and spreadsheets are readily interchangable with users of MS Office. There are a number of small differences between Microsoft Office and Open Office, but users soon grow accustomed to these and are generally very happy with the open source version of their office productivity software; not to mention the potentially huge savings in licensing costs.

  • All the functionality you would expect from a modern office suite
  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation Software
  • Databases
  • Support for opening and saving in file formats from many other office suites allowing you to easily exchange documents with companies still using other software, and ensuring that all your existing files are accessable
  • No ongoing license, subscription or upgrade costs
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, all with support for multiple languages


The SOS (Small Office Server) solution offers a fully functional, and secure network environment for the small office. The solution is an all-Linux based server to which Windows workstations can connect transparently, enabling users to share files, printers and other services. The SOS is multifunctioned to the point of also being able to provide e-mail, firewalling, and anti-spam services. In summary, a fully functional office server without recurring license or frequent software upgrade fees.

For users needing access to the office network from a remote location, our VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution offers a secure route back to base. Coupled with terminal services users benefit from being able to log on to their familiar desktop at work, complete with access to data, applications and e-mail held on the office server – all over a secure, encrypted connection. The solution does of course rely on the quality of the broadband connection at the distant end, but is completely independent of wherever in the world the user may happen to be. To date, users have successfully worked remotely by using our VPN solutions from as far a field as North America, Japan and Australia – not to mention countless locations in Europe.

Today’s commercial operating systems require ever-powerful hardware and memory to keep pace with resource-hungry applications, all of which demand frequent upgrades to end-user and server hardware. Consider this: instead of buying new hardware with new licenses and support contracts, why not have the user workstations reinstalled with Linux and let the server do all the work? In effect, the old hardware acts as a ‘dumb’ terminal connecting to an existing server installed (for example) with Microsoft terminal server. Thus giving users all the features and benefits of Windows without the need to replace user workstations.